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Main » 2009 » August » 11 » Полезна информация музика и още нещо
Полезна информация музика и още нещо

Чрез услилията на всички ни, този блог ще стане много богат и пълен с любими парчета

Ето псевдонимите и истинките имената на най известните изпълнители в стил Итало диско

A.C. ONE - Alberto "One" Carpani
AGO - Agostino Presta
AIR MAIL - Marcello Catalano
ALAN ROSS - Massimo Repetto
ALBERT ONE - Alberto Carpani
ALEPH - Giancarlo Pasquini
ALEXIA - Alessia Aquilani
AMELI - Piero Ameli
AMIN PECK - Giorgio Fiorini
ATRIUM - Giorgio Conti
BALTIMORA - Jimmy McShane (model died - AIDS)
BALTIMORA - Mauricio Bassi (singer)
BEN BRUCE - Martinelli / Gatto
BIAFRA - Walter "Biafra" Consoloni
BODY POWER - Chris and Frank (Dancing in the tears)
BODY POWER - Fabrizio Rizzolo (singer)
BODY POWER - Paul Bizz and Mark Taylor (Nothing)
BORTOLOTI - Gianfranco Bortoloti
BRIAN ICE - Fabrizio Rizzolo
CAROL KANE - Ivana Spagna
CARRARA - Alberto Carrara
CASANOVA - Maurizio di Iorio
CHERRY - Clara Moroni
CHIEREGATO - Michele Chieregato
CHRIS - Cristiana Cucchi
CLOSED - Grabiel Tinto
CORONA - Giovanna Bersola and Sandra Chambers (the vocalists)
CORONA - Olga de Souza Faria (the model)
CREVILLENTE - Giuliano Crevillente
CUNDARI - Stefano Cundari
DANNY KEITH - Mauro Farina
DAVE RODGERS - Giancarlo Pasquini
DAVE SIMON - Giordano Gambogi
DE GAMA - Ezio Zanassi
DEL FARO - Mino Sicilliano
DEN HARROW - Manuel Stefano Carry Zandri (the model)
DEN HARROW - Manuel Stefano Carry, Thomas Hooker Beecher, Enrico Ruggeri, Chuck Rolando
DENISE - Clara Moroni
DIEGO - Diego Arnoldi (the model)
DIVIACCHI - Dario Diviacchi
DOMINO - Alessandra Mirka Gatti
DONNA - Clara Moroni
DYVA - M. Traversoni and R. Calzolari
EDDY BRANDO - Giancarlo Cinelli
EDDY HUNTINGTON - Edward Huntington
FARINA - Mauro Farina
FLORENCE - Marco Faragli, Marino Spagan and Umberto Urzi
FRED VENTURA - Federico di Bonaventura
FUN FUN - Antonella Pepe, Ivana Spagna and Angela Parisi (depending on the song)
FUN FUN - Francesca Merola (model)
G.G. NEAR - Luigi Vicini
GARY LOW - Luis Romero
GAZEBO - Paul Mazzolini
GENE RAMONE - G. Monetto
GEORGE AARON - George Aaron Aldighieri
HANK SHOSTACK - Marco Bresciani
HELICON - Eli Conti
HIVOH - Ivano Brunali
IAN LEX - Rino Facchinetti
IF - Gentili, Faragli
ITALIAN BOYS - Andrea Mingardi, Max Venegoni, Rosa Fumetto and Mauro Micheloni
J.D. JABER - Gianluca Bergonzi (singer)
J.D. JABER - Ottavio Bacciocchi (model)
JIMMY Mc FOY - Antoinne van Tilburg, Walter Bassani
JOE YELLOW - Domenico Ricchini
KANO - Glen White
KARL OLIVAS - Carlo Oliva
KASSO - Claudio Simonetti
KEN LASZLO - Gianni Coraini
KOTO - Anfrando Maiola
KRIS TALLOW - Antonella Cesare
KRISTAL - Al Festa
L.A. MESSINA - Luigi Fedele and Elio Messina
LAZARUS - Paolo Mazzolini
LEE MARROW - Francesco Bontempi
LINDA ROSS - Clara Moroni
LOVE KILLS - Jan De Cristofano
MAGIC BOX - Tristano De Bonis
MARC B. - Marcel Van Den Belt
MARK FARINA - Mauro Farina
MARK TOWER - Marco Torre
MARTINELLI - Aldo Martinelli
MAX HIM - Guido Felicani and Florian Fadinger (models)
MAX HIM - Roman Trevisani (singer)
MEX - Gigi Maini and Daniele Losi
MIKE CANNON - Giorgio Spagna
MIKE HAZZARD - Alberto Bindi
MIKE ROGERS - Marco Zani
MIKO MISSION - Pier Michele Bozetti
MONO BAND - Rene D'Herin
MORGANA - Teresa Bonacina
MORONI - Clara Moroni
MOULIN ROUGE - Matiash Kosi
Mr. ZIVAGO - Massimo Rastrelli
MUSIC SERVICE - Luca Zanarini
NEWFIELD - Laurent Gelmetti
NORMA SHEFFIELD - Francesca Contini
NOVECENTO - Lino Nicolosi, Pino Nicolosi, Rossana Nicolosi and Dora Carofiglio
NRG BOYS - Marcello Van den Belt
O' GAR - Marco Ongaro
O' RYAN - René d'Herin
P. LION - Pier Paolo Pelandi
PAUL PAUL - Alberto Signorini in "Burn on the flames"
PAUL PAUL - Jimmy McFoy in "Good times"
PAULA EVANS - Paola Bonin
PHIL AND STAN - Luigi Vicini
PHIL JONES - Luigi Vincini
PRIMADONNA - Stefania dal Pino
QUEEN MARTIN - Enrico Ranalli
R. BAIS - Romano Bais
RAFF - Raffaele Riefoli
REEDS - Roberto Buti
ROSE (Discomagic) - Stefania dal Pino in "Magic Carillon"
ROSE (Time Records) - Elena Ferretti
ROY - Ubaldo Zambelli
RUDY & Co. - Mario Natale (the vocalist)
RUDY & Co. - Rudy Corradi (Dee Jay)
RYAN PARIS - Fabio Roscioli
RYVON DJ - Ricardo Novy
SABRINA - Sabrina Salerno
SALVY AND GIULY - Salvy Lauria and Giuly Piva
SAVAGE - Roberto Zanetti
SCOTCH - Fabio Margutti (the keyboards)
SCOTCH - Vince Lancini (the vocalist)
SILVER POZZOLI - Silvio Pozzoli
SOPHIE - Elena Ferretti
SPAGNA - Ivana Spagna
STARGO - Roberto Zanetti
SWAN - Giancarlo Cinelli
TATO - Tato, Tony, Jessica
TELEX NEWS - Alina Di Mattia, Marcello Catalano
THE BIG BROTHER - Giancarlo Pasquini
THOMAS - Marcello Catalano
TOM HOOKER - Thomas Hooker Beecher
TOPO & ROBY - Antonella Pepe in "Set on Fire"
TOPO & ROBY - Simona Zanini in "Under the Ice"
TURATTI - Roberto Turatti
VALENTINA - Barbara Maniscalch
VALERIE DORE - Dora Carofiglio (the vocalist)
VALERIE DORE - Monica Stucci (vocal and model)
VANESSA - Clara Moroni (the vocalist)
VANESSA - Piera Biagi (the model)
VIA VERDI - Antonella Pepe (female vocals)
VIA VERDI - Remo Zito
VIRGIN - Clara Moroni
WHIGFIELD - Sannie Charlotte Carlson (the model)
WHISH KEY - Massimo Berti
YVONNE KAY - Ivana Spagna
ZAFRET - Fulvio Zafret
ZANNI - Alessandro Zanni
Тук ви поствам един як хит на Ден Хароу в преработка на хита Чарлстон

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